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Best Beer Deal Low-Carb Happy Hour Weekend Memorial Day Happy Hour Homemade Quail Egg OC Best Happy Hour Sushi Rolls Sweet Sauce Sushi Virgin Happy Hump Day Eel Made In-House Sushi Event Yellowtail Healthy Sushi Oil Father's Day Free Roll Sesame Paper Sushi Entree Quality Sushi Yellowtail Sashimi Seared Poke Bowl May the 4th Sea Urchin Spicy Garlic Edamame Caramelized Banana Let's Drink Avocado Sushi & a Movie Sushi & Sounds Negitoro Bowl Free Beer Star Wars Sushi Jalapeno Yellowtail Great Happy Hour Unknown Sushi Fried Sand Lance Tempura Rock Shrimp Back To School Sashimi Sampler Censored Food Negi Hama Radish Halloween Costume Knott & Katella Truffle Oil Weekend Drinking Dinner & a Show Free Sushi Roll Thanksgiving Happy Hour Maguro Mother's Day Choose Sushi Roll Premium Sakes Saba Sushi Blue Fin Toro Sushi Basics Shrimp Free Show Sexy Food Ask Our Sushi Chef Blue Fin Tora Iichiko Strawberries Snowman Roll Carpaccio Always Fresh White Dragon Roll Sapporo Pitcher Sushi Bar Sushi Non Traditional Sushi Roll Favorite Resolutions Hand Roll Better Than Foie Gras Orange County Foodie Event Mont Blanc Lent Sushi Combo Orange County Sake Buttery Baked Blue Crab Cut Roll Fatty Tuna Fundraiser Japanese Desserts Fun Sushi Bar Red Snapper Sashimi Blue Fin Tuna Let's Go Fishing Sushi & Smoke Bite-Sized Sashimi Garlic Chips Wear Green Gobo Spicy Tuna Hand Roll Smoked Salmon Salmon Slabs Raw Oysters Treat Your Dad Right Sushi on the Run Too Much Tuna Salmon Eggs Snow Crab Mix Oyster Big Eye Tuna Orange County Desserts Chocolate Fudge Cake Lunch in a Bowl Enjoy the Weekend Scallops Fried Aji Squid Karaage Kushi Sriracha Sauce New Item Veteran Students Rock Shrimp Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream Unique Soccer & Sushi Salmon Skin Father's Day Giveaway Uni World Cup Final Japanese Appetizer Sushi Fridays Merry Christmas Spicy Tuna Rice Cakes Seared Salmon Always Happy Hour Acoustic Music Sushi To Go Party Platter Green Onions Drink Drank Crunk Free Dessert Year of the Fire Monkey Yuzu Basic Sakes Line 'em up Appetizers Cheesecake Combo Yamaha Roll Nerd Sushi Uni Pasta Ika Beef Tataki Sushi Roll Sushi Specials Board Erotic Food Happy Hour Lunar New Year Happy Tuesdays Red Onions Garlic Aioli Sushi Fun Get Drunk Father's Day Peppered Salmon Best HH in OC Fathers Day Orange County Event Basil Oil Thursday Nights Mackerel Best Sushi Hump Day Happy Mondays Truffle Salmon Carpaccio Shirakabe Gura Premium Sake Japanese Dressing Salmon Carpaccio Sake Smoked Albacore Hand Roll Sushi Sake Debate Japanese Mackerel Valentine's Day Chocolate Pyramid Fried Arugula Soft Shell Crab Always Something New Black Dragon Roll May the 4th Be With You Tuna Special Salmon Collar Fried Onions Orange County Appetizer Hand Rolls Chrysanthemum Water Crunchy Sexy Sashimi Spicy Mayo Thanksgiving Special Happy Hour Beer Kick Back and Relax Serrano Peppers Yellowtail Ribs Orange County Fundraiser Happy Monday Spicy Tuna You Deserve a Hand Roll Happy Hour Kikusui Red Dragon Roll Japanese Meal Eat Me Spider Roll Truffle Salmon Hamachi Ribs Healthy Food Appetizer Hotategai Signature Sushi Roll Salmon Skin Hand Rolls Nostalgic Near Target Happy Bar Cypress Map Spicy Scallop Christmas Happy Hour Sushi Selection Happy Sushi Weekend Chirashi Bowl Tuna Sashimi Scallop Hand Roll Yummy Roll Shiny Sushi Fish Friday Orange County Best Happy Hour St Patrick's Day Tempura Spicy Tuna Roll Sesame Dressing Romantic Dinner OC Event Quality Not Quantity We Love Our Chefs Assortment of Sushi Unique Sushi Roll No BS Yellowtail Collar Creative Escolar Ankimo Green Tea Ice Cream Poke Sauce Salmon Smoke Out Wall of Sakes Get Ready for Summer Kurosawa Sushi To Go Roe Sushi-Wasted Rainy Day Sushi Happy Hour Mondays Short Work Week Happy Hour Salad End of the Year $2.50 Sushi b.eats Happy Hour Appetizers Bluefin Toro Japanese Toy Squid Memorial Day Weekend S&M Sundays Lent Approved Ponzu Sauce Baked Blue Crab Dress Up Jungle Fever Roll Sapporo Pints Tatami Room Scooby Doo Drink Up Poke Dressing Last Piece Carrots Fried Baby Crabs Hawaiian Tuna Poke Red Snapper Kiku-Masamune Taru Omega 3 Sushi Happy Hour Super Bowl What's That Sushi Wednesday Pop Rocks OC Sushi Bar Sushi Sundays Chocolate Ganache Sushi & Sake Tasting Sushi Weekend Jalapeno Poppers White Warm Winter Soup Happy Hour Every Day Shrimp Tempura 4th of July Junmai Halloween Happy Hour Weekends Best Happy Hour in OC Happy Friday Rainy Days Free Sake Sushi Prep Edamame Sushi Party Platter Sushi & Sake Sake Weekend FIFA World Cup Complete Sushi Meal Cucumber Albacore Hamachi Kama Lent Season Albacore Carpaccio Jeremy Joel Best Happy Hour in Orange County OC's Best Happy Hour Choose Fish Happy Sushi Sunday Sake Tasting Baby Sushi Smoked Salmon Collar Free Dessert for Mom Refreshing Appetizer Tuna Sushi Roll Tuna Nigiri Manhattan Roll Gooey Miso Soup Soy Paper Foodie Event Cypress College Farmed Fish Rainbow Roll Nigiri Best OC Happy Hour Sapporo Pitchers Weird Sushi Roll Green Tea Yummy Yellowtail Cute Sushi Experimental Left Out Your Choice Keep Your Resolutions Fermented Soybean Salmon Nigiri Sunomono Salad Football No-Carb Snow Crab Eat with Loved Ones More Live Music Sushi Happy Hour Mustard Soy Dressing OC Valentine's Dinner Prix Fixe Menu Happy Memorial Day Cypress Roll Eat Healthier Best Deal in Town Salmon Roe Cheers Eat More Fish Custom Sushi Roll Serrano Pepper Creative Sushi Roll Bentley Roll Pork Short Ribs Omakase Seared Tuna Independence Day Keep the Faith Shrimp Tempura Roll Funny Sushi Enjoy Sashimi Spanish Mackerel Chocolate Cake Knife Skills Baked Mussels Variety of Sakes Quality Sushi To Go Happy Hour All Day Monday The Force Awakens Peppered Tuna Take Yo Shoes Off Lemon Slices Soybeans Sushi Chef Rice Baked Eel Orange County Sushi Sesame Wrapper Order Ahead Kick Ass Prices Tuna Roll Avocado Hand Roll Soy Mustard Dressing Sushi Menu Deep Fried Heads Teriyaki Bento Box Japanese Soup Caterpillar Roll Chicken Gyoza Ikanago Karaage Best OC Deal Martin Luther King Jr Day Sake Pairing Bobby Hernandez OC Invaders Mochi Ice Cream Pokemon Japanese Resaurant Drink Sake Bluefin Special Fresh Water Eel Rich Spicy Yellowtail Mother's Day Special Bluefin Tuna Best Sushi Happy Hour Tekka Maki Three Amigos Roll Orange County Happy Hour Best Drink Deal In OC Best Chefs Talented Sushi Chefs Unagi No Carb Cypress Happy Hour Masago Best Happy Hour Eat More Sushi Happy Hour All Day Mondays Volcano Roll Chicken Teriyaki Sushi Tasting Specialty Sushi Roll Fun Event Happiness in a Bowl Amaebi Toro Anaheim Chili Tempura Salmon Skin Salad Happy Sushi Hump Day Sashimi Atlantic Dragon Roll Poke Mon Spicy Scallop Hand Roll Super Bowl Lemon Tart Salmon Skin Hand Roll Sundays Union Station Radio Sushi Humps Monkfish Liver Ikura Holiday Savings Live Sweet Shrimp Cherry Salmon Sushi Valentine's Day Dragon Roll Series Low Carb Baked Blue Crab Hand Roll Japanese Sushi Chefs Bobblehead Lunar New Year Yummy Sushi Salmon Avocado Roll Party With Us Shishito Peppers Sexy Sushi Free Mimosa Sake Bottles 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