Mochi Ice Cream

Japanese Desserts: Mochi Ice Cream and Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream

Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream Chocolate Cake Mochi Strawberry Mango Orange County OC Sushi World

Yeah, we have Japanese desserts. Well, as Japanese as we can get them. Mochi ice cream, which is always a favorite. We have mango, strawberry, and green tea. And our favorite and most popular dessert is our Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream, which is wrapped in chocolate cake. It's a pretty big serving but if you're up to it, you should eat one all by yourself. It's worth the extra time at the gym to burn it off. Don't forget Orange County's best happy hour is every day from 2pm till 5pm and all day on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Desserts Anyone? Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream or Mochi Ice Cream

Dessert Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream Wrapped in Chocolate Cake Mochi Strawberry Green Tea  Vanilla Orange County Sushi World OC

We have everything to complete a meal, including awesome desserts! Two of our favorites are the Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream and the very easy to eat and ever so popular, Mochi Ice Cream. The Tempura Green Tea Ice cream is wrapped in chocolate cake. Don't you wish everything was wrapped in chocolate cake? Yum! And the Mochi, of course, if popular with all the kids because they are bite-sized and you don't feel too guilty about having them. We have mango, strawberry, or green tea.