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Half Shell

Raw Oysters on a Half Shell

Fresh Raw Oysters Half Shell Ponzu Masago Green Onions Orange County Cypress Garden Grove

Some Oysters on a Half Shell with some ponzu, masago, and green onions are never a bad idea. They might help with whatever romantic action you're trying to achieve tonight ;-). We shuck fresh oysters every time and put our favorite toppings on them. Get some and hopefully, you'll get some.

Fresh Shucked Raw Oysters

Raw Oysters on a Half Shell Masago Ponzu Valentines Day Orange County Sushi World

We always sell a lot of Oysters around this time of year. Yep, February is the time get some Oysters, especially around Valentine's Day. You can get a set of 4 Raw Oysters on a Half Shell, which is also available as an option as one of your options for your Valentine's Day 5-Course, Prix-Fixe meal (only available on Valentine's Day). Or you can always get a whole dozen and share it with whomever you wish. We shuck them fresh and then dress them up with Masago, Ponzu, and other seasonings.

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