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Fresh Shucked Raw Oysters

Raw Oysters on a Half Shell Masago Ponzu Valentines Day Orange County Sushi World

We always sell a lot of Oysters around this time of year. Yep, February is the time get some Oysters, especially around Valentine's Day. You can get a set of 4 Raw Oysters on a Half Shell, which is also available as an option as one of your options for your Valentine's Day 5-Course, Prix-Fixe meal (only available on Valentine's Day). Or you can always get a whole dozen and share it with whomever you wish. We shuck them fresh and then dress them up with Masago, Ponzu, and other seasonings.

Carb Free Jalapeno Yellowtail

Carb Free Jalapeno Yellowtail Sushi World Orange County Best in OC

Summer is here in the OC. If you're like most carb-conscious people in Orange County, you're looking to cut down on the carbs so that you can have that beach/pool party body. Our Jalapeno Yellowtail is precisely what you're looking for. It's essentially carb-free and is flavorful as heck. It's light, tasty, and the women love it. If she doesn't like it, then maybe your mom was right and she's not the one. Besides, once you lose those extra pounds, you'll surely find something better.

Oyster Shooters

Oyster Shooters Masago Fresh Shucked Ponzu Sake Green Onions Sushi World

Of course we have Oyster Shooters! We take a freshly shucked oyster, throw it in a shot glass with ponzu, masago, sake, green onions, and a few other secret ingredients. What's not to love about it? The hard part is finishing it all with big gulp. You really have to brace yourself before taking the whole shot, which we highly encourage you to do so that you can fully appreciate all the different flavors meshing with one another. It's also best to take it at our sushi bar.

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