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Sushi World Tapas

Japanese Tapas Tako Octopus Jumbo Scallops Hotategai Red Snapper Tai Cherry Salmon Sushi World Orange County OC

We love Spanish Tapas and we realize why. Essentially, sushi is much like the Japanese version of the Spanish Tapas: small, tasty bites eaten with an alcoholic beverage. Every time you take a seat at our sushi bar, it's much like getting Tapas. You pick whatever you wish, like the lineup in the picture of Tako (Octopus), Hotategai (Jumbo Scallops), Tai (Red Snapper), and Cherry Salmon. And then, of course, be sure to have some beer or sake to help wash it all down and clean your palette for the next tasty morsel. Yep, we've got Tapas.

Tako Sashimi

Tako Sashimi Octopus Sliced Crunchy Chewy Orange County OC Sushi World

We love Tako! Tako is Octopus and technically, it is cooked. When our sushi chefs slice them up as sashimi, they're great as an appetizer or as a main course (though you would probably need a larger serving). It has a bit of chewy and crunchy texture that is very different from typical fish sashimi. Tako will definitely add a little bit of variety to whatever sushi spread you choose. We like ours with a little fresh wasabi on top, no soy sauce needed. Oh, and this dish has no carbs, of course!


Takoyaki Balls Octopus Tako Mayonnaise Kewpie Bonito Flakes Sauce Orange County OC Sushi World

We work very hard to give you a selection not only of our sushi and rolls, but our appetizers as well. Takoyaki balls are a great choice! They are very popular in Japan as well as many other counties in the East. They consist of a batter that includes pieces of Tako (Octopus) as well as an assortment of other items, like green onions and tempura scraps. They are then dressed with takoyaki sauce, mayo, and bonito flakes. Great item to add to your sushi meal with us.

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