Basil Oil

Volcano Roll Erupting Near You

Volcano Roll Spicy Tuna Roll Rock Shrimp Tempura Basil Oil Orange County OC Sushi World

What's in our Volcano Roll? It's a spicy tuna roll topped with tempura rock shrimp and dressed with a basil oil. We don't use basil oil very often but we find that it complements the tempura rock shrimp very well. This is definitely not your typical basic sushi roll. It's got some different flavors and textures going that are not found in traditional sushi rolls. Why is it called a Volcano Roll? Because it's erupting with flavors and they all kinda look like a group of volcano islands sushi bites. Yeah, that's the best description for them. Volcano islands sushi bites.

Volcano Roll: Spicy Tuna Roll, Cucumber, Tempura Rock Shrimp, Basil Oil

Volcano Roll Spicy Tuna Tempura Rock Shrimp Cucumber Basil Oil Orange County OC Sushi World

You get 8 little tiny volcanoes with this roll. They'll surely erupt in your mouth! They consist of a center of spicy tuna roll with cucumbers, and then topped with a tempura rock shrimp and a basil oil is lightly dressed over the entire roll. Little, tiny bite-sized morsels of goodness! Get it today! Get it tomorrow! We don't care, just get it! Happy hour from 2pm till 5pm everyday!