Sake Tasting

Sushi & Sake Tasting March 23rd

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Sushi World proudly invites you to our Sushi & Sake Tasting event where our chefs and our team will present you with 6 exquisitely prepared sushi paired with 6 premium sakes. Each pairing is purposely designed so that the sake compliments the sushi by enhancing its flavor & taste.

The price will be $30 per person for the tasting but our full menu will still be available to those who choose to order more food.

Sushi & Sake Tasting - March 22nd

Sushi Sake Tasting Pairing Wednesday March Orange County OC Red Snapper Mackerel

We are proud to announce that we will be having a Sushi & Sake Tasting on March 22nd. For just $30, you will get to taste 6 premium sakes paired with an appropriate, complimenting sushi. Of course, our entire menu will be open to you but we just wanted to be able to showcase some of our specialties. Space will definitely be limited so we will start taking reservations immediately. Our servers and sushi chefs will gladly guide you through each of your tasting to ensure you enjoy it completely. It is on a Wednesday night so be sure to have your babysitter situation all lined up.

3 Different Choices for the Sake Tasting!

Sake Tasting Shirakabe Gura Kiku Masamune Taru Kikusui Kurosawa Shimeharitsuru Kubota

Our Sake Tasting event is this Thursday, March 3rd! We're excited and hope that you are, too! We have 3 awesome killer deals for our Sake Tasting. The first is 12 various sakes for only $25. if 12 different sakes are too much for you, you can always choose our 2 other deals. 6 basic sakes for only $10 or 6 premium sakes for $20. It really depends on your sake expertise as well as how much you can take. All tastes are 1 ounce shots. We encourage everyone to drink responsibly and bring a designated driver if possible. If not, please Uber.

Sake Tasting - March 3rd - Save the Date!

Sake Tasting Event Orange County OC Cypress Garden Grove Anaheim Sushi World

We're still ironing out the details for this event but we do have a date already in mind. Thursday, March 3, 2016, Sushi World will be hosting our first (of hopefully many) Sake Tasting night! We will have over 12 different sakes to taste and to choose from. There will be a specially priced tasters fee for all the different sakes as well as 3 specially priced flights of sakes categorized according to type. If you find a bottle of sake you especially enjoy, you can purchase it for 20% off the regular price that day, too. So mark your calendars!