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Happy Friday! Be safe, be kind, & love one another.

happy friday be safe be kind love one another peaceful sushi weekend oc orange county

In light of all the recent violence taking place in Orange County and all over the world, we'd like to express a very simple message to be safe out there, be kind to one another, and love everyone around you. There's no need to get upset over little things. This world is big enough for all of us to share. Happy Friday, everyone! And when all else fails, eat sushi. :) And be especially careful when playing Pokemon Go.

Taco Tuesdays at Sushi World?

Sushi World Taco Tuesdays Hand Rolls Orange County OC Best Sushi`

What the heck? No, we don't have any tacos. But we do have something that is comparable that we're pretty sure you'd enjoy even more: hand rolls! They're small, delicious, you can eat a few of them, and they're healthy for you! What more can you ask for on Taco Tuesdays?

Chicken Teriyaki Bento Boxes for Lunch!

Orange County Sushi OC Chicken Teriyaki Bento Boxes Lunch time Special

Can't decide on what to get for lunch again? Sick of fish? Well, you can always get one of our chicken bento boxes! It will surely fill you up because it comes with so much! Check it out by clicking here.

It's also great to get for picky eaters like kids or if a person in your group would rather not eat raw fish, then this would be perfect for them to get!

Happy Sushi New Year 2014!

Happy Sushi New Year 2014 from Sushi World Cypress Stanton Anaheim

Sushi World would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the most happiest, prosperous, and successful 2014! We're super excited about the new year and have plans for a lot of new things to implement at Sushi World this year. We are very appreciative for the great year we had in 2013, thanks to all of our staff, chefs, management, and of course, you, our loyal customers! As always, we are always open to communication and feedback so feel free to contact us at anytime! Spread the love! Eat more sushi!

Happy Lovely Little Lumps Hump Day!

sushi world orange county oc my humps hump day sushi day

It's an old reference but it works! Happy Hump Day, everyone! Can't believe that actually has caught on and become a normal saying now. Well, it works for us because there's no better way to get over the middle of the week than with some nice, fresh sushi. So fantastic at any time of the week but it's especially nice when you've had a rough time at work and need to reward yourself from all the stress you endure.

So come on in and have a few lovely little lumps with with us!

Friday Night Sushi Bar Scene

Orange County Sushi Bar Friday Night Scene Caterpillar Roll Pick Up Line

It's finally Friday! Time to hit the bars tonight! Here's a typical scene from our sushi bar every Friday night. Looks pretty familiar, huh? Well, you should know that every caterpillar roll eventually becomes a butterfly roll. Um, we think. Anyway, come on in and spend some time with us at out sushi bar. You won't regret it. Our sushi chefs will treat you right. Check out what we have on our specials board. If you don't understand something, they'll gladly help you. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Orange County's Best Variety of Sushi Hand Rolls

best orange county hand rolls around cypress stanton anaheim

We've got just about every and any kind of hand roll you'd like. Just ask. We'll be able to do it. Challenge us. Or if you'd like us to put together some of our favorites, just let us know. We can totally surprise you with what we come up with.


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