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Choose Fish. Happy Friday, y'all!

Choose Fish Options Selection from Sushi Menu Sushi World Orange County OC

There's no debate at Sushi World. There's only one choice: fish. As always, whether you're sitting at the sushi bar or in the general dining area, you always have the choice of ordering from our sushi menu. It's quite simple to use. Just put in a number quantity of whatever you'd like, whether it be sushi or sashimi. Kinda like filling out a test form, but even easier and there's no way you can get a bad grade on this test. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Uni for Uno? Sea Urchin Sushi Melts in Your Mouth

Uni or Uno Sea Urchin Gonads Roe Sushi Education Orange County OC Cypress

Every time we eat sushi, we have to have at least one order of Uni, otherwise known as Sea Urchin. While it is not for everyone, it is recommended that you try it at least once, if you truly love sushi. It's like a firm custard, but it is very rich and buttery. A common misconception about uni is that it is actually the roe of the Sea Urchin. In fact, the Uni that we eat in sushi consists of the gonads of Sea Urchins. The gonads produce the roe for this prickly sea creature. There you go. You learned something today. Now order a couple of orders for yourself. You deserve it.

Who eats the last piece of sushi?

Eat the last piece of sushi Cypress Roll Orange County Sushi World OC

When you go out to eat, you want to be polite. So you always leave the last piece for the other people at the table. But then it turns out, all the other people are thinking the same thing. Don't you just hate it when that happens? People just being too damn polite nowadays. Look, if it's good and you're still hungry, eat it! Don't wait. Don't be polite. We don't have that kind of nonsense. Unless you're on a first date. Then yeah, be polite. Unless you're paying for it. Then, in that case, you eat it. Done. Happy Friday, y'all!

Cheers to the Freakin' Friday! With a Hawaiian Tuna Poke!

Cheers to the freakin' weekend hawaiian tuna poke albacore big eye tuna Sushi World OC Orange County

It's Friday, y'all! Time to kick off them shoes, rip off your clothes, and run around naked! Well, that's not for everyone. If you're civilized, as is with most of us, you'd probably like a drink to kick off your weekend. We like to kick off our weekend with our glass full of Hawaiian Tuna Poke. It has big eye tuna, albacore, avocado, gobo, marinated seaweed, and a poke dressing. What a great way to kick off a meal and the weekend! We hope everyone has a great one!

Happy Hour All Day Tuesdays!

Happy Tuesday Happy Hour All Day Happy Lanterns Best in Orange County OC Sushi World

Come on by and visit out happy lanterns! They are the happiest lanterns around town! Why? Because we have the best and happiest happy hour around town! Come on by today and take advantage of our $2 sushi, $2 sake, $3.5 appetizers and $8 Sapporo pitchers! You'll surely leave with a big smile on your face, just like our lanterns.

The Best Happy Hour in Orange County is at Sushi World!

$2 Sushi Albacore Salmon Peppered Salmon Yellowtail Shrimp Escolar Masago Natto Orange County's Best Happy Hour Sushi World OC

Happy Monday, everyone! It's about that time to call it a day and head on over to Sushi World for Happy Hour all day today! As usual, we have our $2 sushi specials all day which includes albacore, salmon, peppered salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, escolar, masago, and natto. If you can't make it in today, come by tomorrow! We have happy hour all day on Tuesdays, too! And of course, we have our drink specials, $2 sake and $8 Sapporo pitcher. It's the best Orange County Happy Hour around, especially when it comes to sushi.

Get Your Sushi To Go at Sushi World!

Orange County Sushi To Go Rolls Sashimi Japanese Food Sushi World OC

We know you're busy and sometimes you don't have the time to come in and dine with us. Well, we're always willing to pack up any of our sushi and kitchen items to go for you. You can take it home, work, or even eat it in your car. We don't care. Just make sure you fulfill that sushi craving of yours. We know how much it hurts for you to see sushi all the time and not be able to eat it.

Shishito Peppers

Shishito Peppers with Bonita Flakes Appetizers Happy Hour All Day Mondays Tuesdays Orange County OC Sushi World

Come get some of our awesome Shishito Peppers which are topped with our very own bonito flakes. They're only $3.99 during our Happy Hour along with a bunch of other appetizers. Our Shishito Peppers are not as spicy as you might think so try them out before disregarding them. Definitely a great way to start any meal at Sushi World.

Natto for $2 on Happy Mondays & Tuesdays!

Natto Fermented Soybean $2 Sushi Mondays Tuesdays Happy Hour All Day Peppered Salmon Albacore Shrimp Escolar Yellowtail Masago

Yep, it's that time again. $2 sushi all day! Happy hour all day for both days. Anybody out there a nattō fan? Well, if you enjoy the strong flavor, powerful smell, & slimy texture of fermented soybeans, this is for you! Don't act like you haven't put anything like that in your mouth before. Well, if not, we still have plenty of other sushi for $2, like peppered salmon, salmon, albacore, shrimp, escolar, yellowtail, and masago.

Happy Friday! Be safe, be kind, & love one another.

happy friday be safe be kind love one another peaceful sushi weekend oc orange county

In light of all the recent violence taking place in Orange County and all over the world, we'd like to express a very simple message to be safe out there, be kind to one another, and love everyone around you. There's no need to get upset over little things. This world is big enough for all of us to share. Happy Friday, everyone! And when all else fails, eat sushi. :) And be especially careful when playing Pokemon Go.

Taco Tuesdays at Sushi World?

Sushi World Taco Tuesdays Hand Rolls Orange County OC Best Sushi`

What the heck? No, we don't have any tacos. But we do have something that is comparable that we're pretty sure you'd enjoy even more: hand rolls! They're small, delicious, you can eat a few of them, and they're healthy for you! What more can you ask for on Taco Tuesdays?

Happy Lovely Little Lumps Hump Day!

sushi world orange county oc my humps hump day sushi day

It's an old reference but it works! Happy Hump Day, everyone! Can't believe that actually has caught on and become a normal saying now. Well, it works for us because there's no better way to get over the middle of the week than with some nice, fresh sushi. So fantastic at any time of the week but it's especially nice when you've had a rough time at work and need to reward yourself from all the stress you endure.

So come on in and have a few lovely little lumps with with us!

Friday Night Sushi Bar Scene

Orange County Sushi Bar Friday Night Scene Caterpillar Roll Pick Up Line

It's finally Friday! Time to hit the bars tonight! Here's a typical scene from our sushi bar every Friday night. Looks pretty familiar, huh? Well, you should know that every caterpillar roll eventually becomes a butterfly roll. Um, we think. Anyway, come on in and spend some time with us at out sushi bar. You won't regret it. Our sushi chefs will treat you right. Check out what we have on our specials board. If you don't understand something, they'll gladly help you. Have a great weekend, everyone!


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