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Yo! Need a Hand... Roll?

Hand Roll Spicy Tuna Smoked Albacore Baked Blue Crab Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

Did you know that our talented sushi chefs can pretty much put anything into a hand roll? Go ahead. Challenge them. We're not sure your suggestion will taste good but we do have an assortment of "go-to" hand rolls that are pretty darn awesome. Hand rolls are nice because you don't have to fumble the chopsticks with those big, clumsy hands of yours. You can just pick them up (make sure your hands are clean), and munch away. It's a simple as that. So good and so simple. That's what we're all about.

Sushi Combo Sundays: When You Want Something Simple on Your Day Off

Sushi Combo Sundays Tuna Salmon Shrimp Tamago Tekka Maki Tuna Roll Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

Sunday is finally here. Your one day to relax and kick back and not think about much. Well, we couldn't agree with you more. That's what Sushi Combo Sundays are all about. You don't have to think about it. Just order it and you'll get 5 different fishes, a shrimp, a tamago, and a tekka maki (tuna roll). It's delicious and it'll easily fill you up. Plus, it's healthy! Make it an easy Sunday and come on in today. Football is still a couple of months away.

Come Check Out Our Superstar Sushi Chefs!

Superstar Sushi Chefs Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

While the quality of our fish is very important to us, our biggest commodity are our sushi chefs. They amaze us every day with their skill, wit, and creativity! Be sure to come by and visit us for lunch or dinner and sit at the sushi bar. You won't regret it. Not only will you get an amazing meal but you'll also get a show. We hope everyone is having an amazing Saturday! Make it more amazing and come on by and visit us!

My Humps, My Humps, My Humps, My Lovely Little Sushi Lumps!

My Humps Lovely Little Lumps of Sushi Tuna Salmon Red Snapper Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

Yeah, we know you're checking out our lovely little lumps... of sushi! It's okay. Last time we checked, it's okay to be a food pervert. Is this too old of a reference? Liar. You'll remember Fergie's lovely lumps so now you can burn our lovely lumps into your memory. Quality sushi at kick-ass prices. Happy Hour from 2pm to 5pm everyday! We'll be closed on Friday for the 4th because we're all pyromaniacs and just got a big shipment of goodies from Mexico. Happy Hump Day, y'all!

Sexy Sushi Saturdays!

Sexy Sushi Saturdays Sashimi Salmon Tuna Orange County OC Sushi World Cypress

What's Sexy Sushi Saturdays? Just a ploy to get your attention. And it worked. That's not to say that our sushi isn't sexy because it's hella sexy. Sometimes, it's better than sex. And that's not to discourage you from coming in all sexy just to have some of our sushi. So please, by all means, put on a sexy outfit and come on in and sit at our sushi bar. Our sushi chefs won't mind. They're tired of looking at each other all day. ;-)

Best Omakase Deal in Orange County!

Omakase Oyster Ankimo Monkfish Liver Creme Brulee Uni Baked Blue Crab Roll Orange County OC Sushi World

You're not going to find a better omakase sushi deal in Orange County than ours! We have two different set omakase meals to choose from and they're reasonably priced! This picture is of our second meal, which is priced at $68.95. It comes with three different starters, 10 pieces of sushi, a baked blue crab roll, and a dessert! A complete meal! You'll get a good variety of everything we do and you can even share it with someone! Makes ordering so easy! Especially if you're the indecisive type.

Cypress Roll: Shrimp Tempura, Cucumber, Avocado, Snow Crab, Strawberries, & a Sweet Sauce

Cypress Roll Avocado Shrimp Tempura Cucumber Snow Crab Strawberries Orange County Sushi World OC

We thought it only be fitting that we create a roll specific for the city we represent, Cypress! It's a small city located in northern Orange County but we're damn proud of it, son! It's quite a popular sushi roll for us, consisting of a center made up of shrimp tempura, avocado, and cucumber and then topped with snow crab, strawberries, and snow crab. It's looks great and tastes even better, as opposed to your last girlfriend. Snap! Come on in, fools!

Happy Friday! Salmon Roe with a Quail Egg! Yummy!

Salmon Roe Sushi Quail Egg Happy Friday Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

Sometimes, all you need is a simple picture to make you realize that life is so great. Our picture of a salmon roe sushi with a quail egg on top does that for us. It's so simple and it makes us happy. Especially since the salmon roe is overflowing over the seaweed. So good! If you haven't tried it yet, you must! It's a great way to start a session at out sushi bar! It's a great way to start your weekend! It's a great way to start anything! Even making a baby!

Our Sushi Chefs Know Football!

FIFA World Cup Sushi Chefs Go Japan Orange County OC Cypress Stanton Garden Grove Anaheim Sushi World

Japan lost the opener against Ivory Coast but our sushi chefs are confident that they will do much better in this afternoon's game against Greece. You didn't think our sushi chefs could balance a football (soccer) on their heads AND make sushi, didn't you? Yes, our sushi chefs are very talented and they're also very loyal. Let's go Japan! Come on in for some sushi and sake and enjoy the game with us!

Woman Crush Wednesday, Japanese Style!

Woman Crush Wednesday WCW Orange County Japanese Geishas Restaurant OC Sushi World Cypress

It's sad but this is our version of Woman Crush Wednesday, Japanese women in kimonos... HOT! It's so mysterious what's underneath those kimonos. Are they geishas or are they Japanese noblewomen? Either way, they are totally sexy. Next time you're at Sushi World, look for this picture. They will point you to our restrooms. You know, where you can do your business.

It's Friday! Frankie Says Relax. Get Some Oysters, Ankimo, Salmon Carpaccio.

Friday Frankie Says Relax Raw Oysters Ankimo Monkfish Liver Truffle Salmon Carpaccio Orange County OC Cypress Sushi

Relax, don't do it, when you want to go to it. Relax, don't do it, when you want to come. Yes, you should come in to Sushi World and enjoy the many awesome Japanese dishes we have to serve you. You can start off with some fresh, raw oysters and some in-house made ankimo, also known as monkfish liver. It's especially good, if you miss foie gras. Damn you, California laws! Also feel free to order our very popular Truffle Salmon Carpaccio. It's so delicious, we can't even describe it. So kick off your shoes and come on in. We'll help you relax.

Best Sushi in OC at Affordable Prices

Best Orange County OC Sushi World Cypress Anaheim Garden Grove Stanton

Sometimes, we just have to let our sushi speak for itself. No gimmicks. No jokes. Just gosh darn sexy looking sushi that tastes even better than it looks. You can't get this quality of sushi at our prices anywhere else in Orange County. It is grads and dad season, so keep us in mind for your next gathering. We'll take care of you all the way through.

Congratulation 2014 Graduates! Now Get a Job!

Class of 2014 Graduation Sushi Party Congratulations Tatami Room Cypress Orange County OC Sushi World

Come on by and have your graduation party at our place! We have great sushi at affordable prices at any time of the day. Use our Tatami Room if you'd like. Happy Hour from 2pm to 5pm on all other days but Mondays and Tuesdays (all day on those days!). Congratulations, graduates of 2014! It's a big accomplishment and we want to make sure you get the recognition you deserve. Now, go get a job already! Those student loans aren't going to pay off themselves!

Best Happy Hour in OC. Period. $2 Sushi. All Day Tuesdays.

Best Happy Hour in OC $2 Sushi Cypress Orange County Sushi World Albacore Peppered Salmon Escolar Salmon

The votes are in! We took a poll (of our owner, employees, and family members) and it turns out, we undoubtedly have the best Happy Hour in all of OC! It's Tuesday and that means we have happy hour all day today with $2 sushi, $3.50 appetizers, $2 sake, and $8 Sapporo pitchers. You cannot find a better deal than that in Orange County anywhere. We're practically losing money on such a great deal.

We Have the Best OC Sushi Chefs!

Best OC Sushi Chefs Orange County Cypress Sashimi Handrolls Talented

We don't mean to brag but our sushi chefs are probably the most talented sushi chefs in Orange County. Not only are they talented, but they're also good-looking and friendly. That easily makes them the best in the OC! We're extremely proud of our sushi chefs because they deliver great product with a great attitude all the time. It's only right that we take the time to recognize the chefs that make us look good on a daily basis. (We had to say this or else they would cut us!)

Sexiest Pork Short Ribs in Orange County!

Sexy Pork Short Ribs Japanese Kitchen Orange County Sushi World OC

Yes, we know. We have the sexiest pork short ribs in all of Orange County. It's so sexy, we had to censor this here picture. We realize there might be some people out there who don't have enough self control to handle this type of provocative picture. We've taken the liberty of blurring out that scandalous portion of our short rib so that you won't run into that unfortunate situation with a loved one.

Take Your Shoes Off in Our Japanese Tatami Room!

Orange County Tatami Room Japanese Restaurant OC Sushi World Sashimi Cuisine

Our Tatami Room is available for small groups to enjoy a bit of privacy. If you would like to request it, please feel free to give us a call at (714) 828-3474 so you can reserve it for yourself, especially so during our busy weekends. Our Japanese Tatami Room is located towards the back of our restaurant so that it allows you a bit more privacy. And as is customary for a Tatami Room, we do request that you take off your shoes or footwear before entering it. Only your bare feet or your socks are permitted in the room.

We're Watching You at Sushi World! Happy Hour All Day Tuesdays!

Orange County Happy Hour All Day Tuesdays Sapporo Pitchers Sushi Appetizers OC Sushi World

We're pretty blatant when it comes to our stalking and spying. We don't need no security cameras. We're always watching you through our TVs and we have no problem with that. But that doesn't matter. What's important is that it's Happy Tuesdays once again! Happy Hour all freakin' day! $8 Sapporo pitchers, $2 sake, $2 sushi, and $3.50 appetizers. What a great way to jump start this short work week for you. Come on by and let our sushi chefs amaze you! Don't mind the big eyeballs looking over their backs.

Breakdown of Our Manhattan Roll

Manhattan Roll Breakdown Spicy Yellowtail Cucumber Radish Masago Mustard Soy Dressing Sushi World Orange County OC's Best

One of our most popular sushi rolls is the Manhattan Roll. We've broken it down in all its glory so that you can see all the delicious components that make up our popular sushi roll. The center consists of spicy yellowtail and cucumber and it is topped with radish and masago. Finally, it's dressed with a mustard soy dressing. It's so simple, yet, oh so delicious. Why is it called the Manhattan Roll? Cause it's so fancy. You already know. It's in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo!

Happy Hump Day! Damn Sexy Sushi Humps!

Happy Hump Day Sexy Sushi Humps Orange County Sushi World Cypress OC Anaheim Garden Grove Stanton

There were so many possible idea bubbles that we had, many of which, would've been highly inappropriate. Some of the "safer" ones: "I'd like to get in between those humps." or "I could motorboat those humps all day." Yeah, and those were the "safe" ones. Any way, as we get our minds out of the gutter, we do hope you all have a great Hump Day! If you need help getting over that hump, come on in to Sushi World in Cypress where we'll take care of you and your dirty mind. Or is that just us? Don't answer that.

$3 Salmon Skin Handrolls All Day Today for Happy Hour Tuesdays!

$3 Salmon Skin Handrolls All Day Tuesdays Happy Hour Sushi World Orange County OC

Almost time for you to go home from work. What's for dinner? Can't decide? Craving sushi? You should really over on over to our place where we have the absolute best happy hour deal in Orange County such as our $3 Salmon Skin Handrolls. The other great thing about our happy hour is that it is all day today because it's Happy Tuesdays!

Happy Fortune Cat Says Happy Hour All Day Mondays & Tuesdays!

OC Happy Hour All Day Mondays and Tuesdays Sushi World Appetizers Sake Sashimi Orange County Sushi World

What a beautiful day out! It's even more beautiful cause it's happy hour all day long, all day strong at Sushi World! $2 sushi, $2 sake, $3.50 appetizers, and $8 Sapporo pitchers. All day today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday)! Easily the best deal in all of Orange County and easily the best way to kick off the work week! Come by and say hello to our Happy Fortune Cat and our awesome chefs and staff! Thank goodness that heat is over. It's so nice to be able to wear underwear again.

Happy Friday! Get Your Sushi To Go!

Sashimi Sampler to Go Sushi World Orange County OC Cypress Japanese Restaurant

We can't fix everything in your life but we can fix a few things. Like if you don't have time to come visit us because you have screaming kids at home or if you are on the run from the government, just call us ahead of time to place your sushi order. We'll have everything ready for you by the time you come by. Now, if only we could order our dates like that. If anyone knows of a good, reliable source, let us know! Call us! Oh, and if you do have time to come by and hang out, don't forget about our Happy Hour everyday from 2pm till 5pm, even on the weekends.

Happy May Day! Happy Lei Day! Hawaiian Tuna Poke for You!

Happy May Day Happy Lei Day Hawaiian Tuna Poke big Eye Tuna Albacore Avocado Gobo Seaweed Sushi World Orange County OC

We wish everyone a Happy May Day! Or in Hawaii, it's Lei Day! Yay! We love celebrating Hawaiian holidays! It's the perfect day to have our Hawaiian Tuna Poke. It comes with big eye tuna, albacore, avocado, gobo, marinated seaweed, and a delicious poke dressing. Great to eat alone or to share with a loved one. You can share with a stranger, but that would be kinda weird. Happy Lei Day! Get a Hawaiian Tuna Poke. Hmm, that sounds dirty. Especially if you pronounce the, "poke" wrong.

It's Happy Mondays & Tuesdays Again at Sushi World! Happy Hour All Day Long!

Happy Hour All Day Mondays Tuesdays Baked Mussels Chicken Gyoza Jalapeno Poppers Orange County Sushi World OC

Yep. It's Monday again, which means it's Happy Hour all day today AND tomorrow at Sushi World! Not familiar with what is so happy about our happy hour? Well, let's start off with our appetizers. $3.5 appetizers all day long, which includes Baked Mussels, Garlic Edamame, Shishito Peppers, Beef Kushiyaki, Chicken Yakitori, Beef Tataki, Jalapeno Poppers, and Chicken Gyoza! After you're all done appetizing on our appetizers, enjoy the $2 sushi, $2 sake, and the $8 Sapporo pitchers!

Best Omakase Deal in Orange County!

Best Omakase in Orange County 11 pieces of sushi ankimo monkfish liver beef tataki oyster Crème Brûlée OC Sushi World

We have the best Japanese omakase sushi deal around! It comes with 3 appetizers! A raw oyster, ankimo, and a whole serving of beef takaki. Then you get an array of 11 various pieces of sushi for the main course, which includes a blue hand crab roll and unagi. You finish it off with a dessert of crème brûlée. Now that's a complete meal for any sushi lover. You get all of that for only $56.95. And that, my friends, is a good deal. Best you will find in the OC.

Best Negitoro Sushi Bowl in Orange County

Fatty Tuna Tamago Best Negitoro Sushi Bowl in Orange County OC Sushi World

We don't mean to brag, we don't mean to boast, but we like our negitoro bowl the most! Our Negitoro Bowl will surely fill you up! It's made up of fatty tuna and comes with green onions and slices of tamago (egg). It's simply the best Negitoro Bowl in Orange County. It's actually happiness in a bowl. Swing on by and try it out soon. You won't regret it. Happy Friday, everyone! We hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Choose Fish. Happy Friday, y'all!

Choose Fish Options Selection from Sushi Menu Sushi World Orange County OC

There's no debate at Sushi World. There's only one choice: fish. As always, whether you're sitting at the sushi bar or in the general dining area, you always have the choice of ordering from our sushi menu. It's quite simple to use. Just put in a number quantity of whatever you'd like, whether it be sushi or sashimi. Kinda like filling out a test form, but even easier and there's no way you can get a bad grade on this test. We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Uni for Uno? Sea Urchin Sushi Melts in Your Mouth

Uni or Uno Sea Urchin Gonads Roe Sushi Education Orange County OC Cypress

Every time we eat sushi, we have to have at least one order of Uni, otherwise known as Sea Urchin. While it is not for everyone, it is recommended that you try it at least once, if you truly love sushi. It's like a firm custard, but it is very rich and buttery. A common misconception about uni is that it is actually the roe of the Sea Urchin. In fact, the Uni that we eat in sushi consists of the gonads of Sea Urchins. The gonads produce the roe for this prickly sea creature. There you go. You learned something today. Now order a couple of orders for yourself. You deserve it.

Who eats the last piece of sushi?

Eat the last piece of sushi Cypress Roll Orange County Sushi World OC

When you go out to eat, you want to be polite. So you always leave the last piece for the other people at the table. But then it turns out, all the other people are thinking the same thing. Don't you just hate it when that happens? People just being too damn polite nowadays. Look, if it's good and you're still hungry, eat it! Don't wait. Don't be polite. We don't have that kind of nonsense. Unless you're on a first date. Then yeah, be polite. Unless you're paying for it. Then, in that case, you eat it. Done. Happy Friday, y'all!


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