July 2014

Our Sushi Chefs Put on a Show Everyday!

Best Sushi Chefs Orange County OC Cypress Anaheim Live Show Everyday Sushi World

Show times vary throughout the day but at least you get a meal and a show. What a great deal! When's the last time you went out to a show? Don't you deserve to take yourself out? Come by during lunch, happy hour, or dinner! Our sushi chefs are here to serve you! They love what they do and it shows. And feel free to offer them a drink. But be careful. Trust us. A drunk sushi chef with a sharp knife is not a good thing. ;-)

Yamaha Roll: Named After Our Neighbor in Cypress

Yamaha Roll Cypress Tempura Spicy Tuna Roll Avocado Green Onions Garlic Ponzu Orange County OC Sushi World

Did you know that the Yamaha corporate campus is located just a couple of blocks away from us here in Cypress? Wonder if anyone over there knows that we have a sushi roll here named after them! The Yamaha Roll! Features a tempura spicy tuna roll with avocado, green onions, and a garlic ponzu. If anyone over at the Yamaha campus sees this, holler at us! We'll see if we can work out some kind of deal for you if you bring everyone over for lunch or dinner. Just checked out their website. They have 3 positions open, if anyone is looking.

Jalapeno Poppers & Other Appetizers for Only $3.5 During Happy Hour Tuesdays!

Jalapeno Poppers Japanese Appetizers Best OC Happy Hour Orange County Cypress Sushi World

Orange County's best happy hour is back again. All day Tuesdays. And we've made some changes to the happy hour menu, adding a couple of awesome items. Not only can you get our jalapeno poppers for only $3.5 all day today, but you can also get garlic edamame, shishito peppers, baked mussels, chicken gyoza, chicken yakitori, beef tataki, squid karaage kushi (breaded squid on a skewer), and ikanago karaage (fried sand lance).

Squid Karaage Kushi - New Item on the Sushi World Menu

Squid Karaage Kushi Breaded Skewer Appetizer Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

We were told that we're trying to hard on our posts. Well, those people can suck it and don't understand that the more you write, the more content you have and therefore, the more the search engines have to play with when indexing your site. Duh. We don't write this crap to impress you feeble minded people who just want to look at pictures all day cause you don't have the time to read like an educated person. Besides, most of the references and prose are probably way over your reading level anyway. So with that, check out our new item, the squid karaage kushi.

Happy Mondays & Tuesdays! Happy Hour All Day Long!

Best OC Orange County Happy Hour Sushi Sake Appetizers All Day Mondays Tuesdays Sushi World Cypress

Yep, it's that time of the week again. The beginning part. Where you have to start the week all over again. Well, that's why we have happy Mondays AND Tuesdays. We're here to help you kick start the week. We have the best happy hour deals in all of Orange County! $2 sushi, $3.5 appetizers, $2 sake, and $8 Sapporo pitchers. You really can't beat that. Go ahead and look. Couldn't find anything better, huh? Yeah, we thought so.

It's Friday! Our Sushi is Calling You Out!

Eat Me Sexy Sushi Happy Friday Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

Yes, our sushi talks. And it's saying, "Eat me." That could be taken so many different ways. It used to be regarded as a taunt to tell someone off. It could also be taken sexually (we know that's what you were thinking). But it could also be a very simple statement for you to come into our sushi restaurant and enjoy some excellent sushi prepared by our awesome chefs on a chill Friday like today. By the way, yes, that photo is actual sushi served in our restaurant. We don't have any fancy spokesperson. We don't have any fancy supermodels. We're as real as it gets.

Come by Sushi World and Sashimi Some Time

Sashimi Salmon Tuna Orange County OC Best Sushi Bar Cypress Sushi World

Initially, when I wrote this, it was supposed to be a simple line. Playing on Mae West's, "Why don't you come up some time and see me?" Yes, I'm old. So the "sashimi" is supposed to sound like "see me." So it was, "Why don't you come & sashimi some time?" But then, I thought, if we're going to put the "sa" in front of the verb, might as well do it for the "come" too. So then it became, "sa-come" which kinda sounds like, "succumb." Wow, this became a lot more complicated than I initially planned for it. Any way, just come and have some delicious, expertly-prepared sashimi with us.

So What Cha Want What Cha Want Wednesdays?

Sushi Bar Menu Sashimi Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

It's Wednesday! Time for an homage to the Beastie Boys. Yeah, you can't front on that. See, I'm the long leaner vincent the cleaner, I'm the illest mother****** from here to gardena! Haha, funny lyrics. Classic. Well, if you use our sushi bar menu, you get to tell us exactly what'cha want. You can decide check off if you want sushi or sashimi, a cut roll or a hand roll, and on the backside, you can choose from some of our specialty rolls or even something from our favorites menu. So what'cha want this Wednesday?

$2 Sushi Once Again. Happy Hour All Day Mondays & Tuesdays.

$2 Sushi All Day Mondays Tuesdays Orange County Happy Hour Cypress Salmon Albacore Red Snapper Sushi World

We keep on repeating ourselves every week. It feels like a broken record. But sometimes, broken records are good. Doesn't some electronic music sound like a broken record? See? It's not so bad. $2 sushi all day, which includes salmon, peppered salmon, albacore, red snapper, escolar, masago, shrimp, and natto. Why? Because it's happy hour all day. We also have $3.50 appetizer all day today which includes over 9 different items.

World Cup Final Goes Down Today! Time to Get Sushi!

World Cup Final Talented Sushi Chefs Futbol Soccer Cypress Orange County OC Sushi World

Is anyone still following the World Cup? Well, the finals are today. Argentina versus Germany. Who you got? Does it matter? As long as you get some sushi today, it's all good. Game starts at noon and coincidentally, that's when we open. Stay for happy hour, which starts at 2pm. It ends at 5pm. What the heck? You might as well stay for dinner, too. We'll find something on tv for you to watch. If not, you can always watch our talented sushi chefs. Bring in a soccer ball and you'll see what we mean.