OC Sushi Bar

Sit at Our Sushi Bar!

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The main feature of our restaurant truly is our sushi bar. While most of us are accustomed to sitting at a regular table at most other restaurants, we truly want to encourage you to take a seat at our sushi bar any chance you get. You'll get personalized service plus you can build a rapport with our awesomely talented sushi chefs. The more they get to know what you like, the more they'll be able to make recommendations to you in the future. Plus, you'll probably always get your food faster than anyone else in the restaurant.

What's That Sushi Wednesday! Guess the Sushi in Front!

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Here we go again! What's That Sushi Wednesday! Guess this delicious sushi that's in front of all the other sushis in this picture. Get it right and get a free sake! Get it wrong, and you can keep on guessing. You won't have to guess on anything if you come in and sit in Orange County's best sushi bar! Our sushi chefs will definitely take care of you. They'll make you a nice platter of sushis that will blow your mind. Come on in today!