Lemon Slices

Yummy Roll Equals Happy Tummy Roll

Yummy Roll California Escolar Lemon Slice Serrano Pepper Sriracha Sesame Seeds Sushi World Orange County OC Cypress

Our Yummy Roll actually makes both your tummy and your mouth happy. Here's why are Yummy Roll deserves its name: It's a California Roll that's been suped up on flavor steroids. So we take a basic California Roll (snow crab mix, avocado, cucumber center) and top it with escolar, a lemon slice, a serrano pepper slice, a dab of sriracha, sesame seeds, and then dressed with a soy mustard dressing. Absolutely deserves its name in spades. It is the newest sushi roll added to our extensive sushi roll list and it's quite unique. Swing on by and give it a try on your next visit.

Happy Friday! It's a Yummy Roll, You Dummy!

Yummy Roll Orange County OC Escolar Serrano Peppers Sriracha Sauce Sushi World Cypress

We love it when people from a neighboring table look over and have the inclination to ask us what we're eating. We're especially proud to let them know about our Yummy Roll! It's basically a California Roll on steroids. It's topped with escolar, a think lemon slice, a slice of serrano pepper, and just a dab or sriracha sauce. Oh my gosh, it's so yummy, you freakin' dummy! Order it today! You won't be disappointed. Happy hour every day from 2pm till 5pm. Best in Orange County. Even on Saturday and Sunday.