Green Tea

Green Tea Creme Brulee

Green Tea Creme Brulee Hard Top Crack Strawberry Slices Orange County OC Sushi World

While Sushi World is all about our sushi, sake, and chefs, we still make sure you have options when it comes time for dessert. Our Green Tea Creme Brulee is definitely a different take on the classic Creme Brulee. It's got that Asian vibe thanks to the green tea. It's a great item to get for yourself or to share and it definitely won't feel heavy. Be sure to check out our extensive dessert menu as we have carefully crafted it to complement our general menu.

Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream Wrapped in Chocolate Cake, the Best!

Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream Chocolate Cake Orange County OC Sushi World

You know we have awesome sushi. You know we have awesome appetizers. You know we have the best happy hour. But do you know about our desserts? Pictured, is our ultimate dessert to share or to gobble up all by yourself. It's really your choice and we won't blame you, either way. It's a good portioned green tea ice cream wrapped in chocolate cake and tempura. You get a delicious cake and ice cream, too. That is the best dessert out there. Get it after your next meal with us. You won't regret it.