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Make It A Great Weekend! Make It A Sushi Weekend!

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Wow, it's been a tough week. Guess it's been a pretty tough week for everyone! Why not make it a great weekend and come on in and make it a sushi weekend! We know how to treat you right. Just sit on down at our sushi bar and one of our awesome sushi chefs will surely take care of whatever you might need. If you're adventurous, let them decide for you. If you're particular, tell them what you like and they'll surely do their best to make you happy. Happy Hour during the weekends is from 2pm till 5pm. One free mimosa per customer 21 and over from noon till 5pm on the weekends.

What's That Sushi Wednesday! Yummy Sushi!

What's that Sushi Wednesday Delicious Orange County OC Sushi World

We don't even know what this one is. We're going to have to ask our own sushi chefs to identify this one. Can you guess what it is? All that we recall is that it is yummy and delicious. There is a mint leaf or something similar between the fish and the rice that complements it nicely. Once we find out what it is, we're going to come on in, sit down at the sushi bar, and order a few of these bad boys. Have a happy Wednesday, everyone!