4th of July

Happy 4th of July!

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We hope everyone has a fun-filled and safe 4th of July holiday weekend. If you're driving anywhere, please drive carefully. We know everyone enjoys barbecuing and sushi is not always very popular on the 4th, so we'll be closed on Tuesday for the 4th of July. Our employees could also use the break! But, we are open on Monday and we do have Happy Hour all day where you can take advantage of our $2.50 sushi, $2.50 sake, $3.50 appetizers, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. Come on in the day before the 4th because we know you're not going to go to work any way ;-).

Happy Fourth of July! Breakdown of Our Cypress Roll!

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Just a reminder that we will be closed tomorrow, July 4th, because we like to blow stuff up. Hopefully, we won't get arrested this year. Our most patriotic looking roll, is our Cypress Roll. It's red, white, and green, which is almost red, white, and blue. We took the the time to diagram out what it consists of so that you know what you're biting into. It's quite the tasty sushi roll and we created this one from scratch in honor of the city we be representing, Cypress.