September 2016

OC Invaders Fundraiser - September 29th

OC Invaders Fundraiser Orange County Sushi World Youth Baseball Community

Sushi World wants to help the OC Invaders get to Cooperstown, New York, next year! And you can help, too! Swing on by and visit us on Thursday, September 29th from 6pm to 9pm, and we'll donate 15% of your total bill to the OC Invaders. We love helping the community and if we can help anyone, we will! Wednesday and Thursday nights are available every week so please feel free to inquire. So far, the tatami room has been reserved but we have a few more seats available, especially by the sushi bar. If you'd like to help the OC Invaders, please stop on by.

How To Watch The Presidential Debate

Presidential Debate happy Hour all day mondays Tuesdays how to watch sushi sake orange county oc sushi world

It's going to be a pretty awesome debate tonight and we can't wait to watch it at Sushi World. This is how we would watch it, with rows of sake and delicious sushi. Anytime either candidate says something we like, we eat a piece of sushi. If either one of them says something we don't like, we take a shot of sake. And it's really nice today because It's also Happy Hour all day on Mondays (and Tuesdays) when sushi is only $2.50, appetizers are only $3.50, sake is only $2.50, and Sapporo pitchers are only $10. Load up on sushi and sake and watch the debate. Sounds like a perfect Monday.