June 2015

Maguro: Bluefin Tuna

Maguro Bluefin Tuna Toro Orange County High Quality Sushi World Cypress OC

A frequent feature on our specials board is the always popular Bluefin Tuna, or Maguro. You can order it either way but we can't always guarantee stock on hand. We do have those customers that once they find out we have it, they end up ordering all we have. So if you see it on our specials board, do yourself a favor and get at least an order. You won't regret it. And, while you're looking at our specials board, be sure to check out all the other items on there because you're bound to find more than a favorite or two on there.

We Have Shiny Sushi!

Cherry Salmon Conch Scallops Orange County Sushi World OC Cypress Specials Board

No, it's not a new motto. This picture just happened to have shiny sushi in it so that's what we went with. If you can't tell what it is, it's cherry salmon, scallops, and conch nigiri. Pretty damn delicious so if you haven't tried out these shiny sushis, you should. Cause not only are they shiny and tempting, they're actually delicious! Especially if you enjoy fine sushi. Look for these items on our specials board!

Best Happy Hour in Orange County! $2.50 Sushi! Yellowtail & Salmon!

Best Happy Hour Orange County OC Yellowtail Salmon Sushi World All Day Mondays Tuesdays

Yes, we do have the best happy hour in all of OC. We have $2.50 sushi, which includes the pictured yellowtail and salmon but also includes escolar, albacore, masago, natto, peppered salmon, and shrimp. But we also have $3.50 appetizers, $2.50 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. AND, our happy hour is all day on Mondays and Tuesdays and on all other days from 2pm till 5pm, even on the weekends. And that's why we have the best happy hour in all of Orange County.

Who Eats the Last Piece of Sushi?

Cypress Roll Strawberries Sushi Roll Who Gets the Last Piece Orange County OC Sushi World

Whenever you order a sushi roll, you never really know how many pieces you will have. Often times, you will end up with an uneven number of pieces that don't match the number of people in your party. What to do when you get down to the last piece and you all have eaten the same amount? Who's the bigger pig? Who needs it more? Who's paying the bill? If that's the case, just order another roll. And another. Up until everyone is too full to eat anymore or you finally come down to every one eating the same exact amounts. Get a Cypress Roll.

Best Happy Hour in Orange County! $3.50 Appetizers!

Squid Karaage Kushi Ikanago Fried Sand Lance Orange County OC Happy Hour Sushi World

Come and get it while we still have it! Come experience the best happy hour in all of Orange County! You can enjoy our $3.5 appetizers which include the pictured Squid Karaage Kushi and Ikanago Karaage. But you can also get garlic edamame, shishito peppers, baked mussels, chicken gyoza, chicken yakitori, beef tataki, and jalapeno poppers. But don't get full on our appetizers! We also have $2,5 sushi, $2.5 sake, $10 Sapporo pitchers, and many other various items on our happy hour menu. Come on in now!