May 2015

Live Acoustic Music at Sushi World!

Bobby Hernandez Jeremy Joel Scooby Doo Live Acoustic Music Sushi World Orange County OC

We are hosting the very talented musical stylings of Bobby Hernandez tomorrow night from 6pm till close! Come on by and enjoy the live, acoustic music! With Scooby Doo and Jeremy Joel. Also feel free to enjoy our many awesome sushi offerings while you're here. Try out our sashimi sampler or our jalapeno yellowtail. Or get messed up on our Sapporo on tap or our many varieties of sake.

Happy Memorial Day! Happy Hour All Day Mondays and Tuesdays!

Albacore Orange County Best Happy Hour OC Happy Cypress Sushi World Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! What a better way to spend your day off than to take advantage of our happy hour all day on Mondays and Tuesdays! You can enjoy $2.5 sushi, which includes masago, albacore, yellowtail, escolar, shrimp, natto, salmon, and peppered salmon. We also have $3.5 appetizers, $2.5 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. You can't go wrong with Happy Hour at Sushi World. We'd also like to take a moment to salute our troops and thank them for their sacrifices and dedication for giving us the freedom to live the way we do. Thank you!

Come Visit Our Superstar Sushi Chefs!

Best Sushi Chefs Orange County OC Sushi World Tuna Blue Fin Sashimi

Okay, we most definitely have excellent sushi and it shows. But what's also nice is that we have the best sushi chefs in Orange County! They prepare yummy sushi for you that not only tastes great but looks great also. AND, they're personable and friendly and is always willing to teach you more about sushi if you're willing to learn. Just feel free to come sit at our awesome sushi bar and talk to our sushi chefs the way you talk to your best friend. Just remember that this best friend will also make you awesome tasting sushi.

Sashimi Sampler is Never a Bad Decision!

Sashimi Sampler Orange County OC Best Sushi Spot Sushi World Cypress

Yeah, you can't go wrong with the sashimi sampler. It's got a little bit of everything to make you happy: albacore, tuna, red snapper, salmon, and yellowtail. We give you generous slices of sashimi, too. It's a great way to start a meal. It's a great dish to share with your other sushi-loving friends. It's a just a great decision overall. And, to top it all off, our awesome sushi chefs are always expertly presenting it to you so that it is not only delicious to eat, it's also quite beautiful to look at. But you should eat it.

Orange County's Best Happy Hour Mondays & Tuesdays! All Day!

Baked Mussels Appetizers Orange County OC Best Happy Hour All Day Sushi World

Yes, we're back at it again. Happy May, everyone! And, as usual, we present to you the best happy hour deal in all of Orange County! $3.50 appetizers, $2 sushi, $2 sake, and $8 Sapporo pitchers. All the daily essentials you need, especially at the beginning of every and any work week. The pictured is an order of baked mussels. If you've never had it, you better get it. It does not contain any raw sushi, like most of our appetizers, so they're friendly for all your raw fish fearing friends. Come on in and see what all the hype's about.

Bentley Roll: Classic Sushi Roll Yumminess!

Bentley Roll Seared Salmon Spicy Tuna Avocado Sesame Dressing Sweet Sauce Orange County OC Sushi World

The center of our Bentley Roll consists of spicy tuna and avocado. It is then topped with a seared salmon and then dressed with both a sesame dressing and a sweet sauce. Seared salmon and spicy tuna is already a great combination but adding the sesame dressing and the sweet sauce really brings every piece of this roll to perfection. No wonder we called it, "Bentley Roll." It's like a very high end car, one with style, finesse, but most importantly, taste. C'mon in and order some rolls right away.