May 2014

Take Your Shoes Off in Our Japanese Tatami Room!

Orange County Tatami Room Japanese Restaurant OC Sushi World Sashimi Cuisine

Our Tatami Room is available for small groups to enjoy a bit of privacy. If you would like to request it, please feel free to give us a call at (714) 828-3474 so you can reserve it for yourself, especially so during our busy weekends. Our Japanese Tatami Room is located towards the back of our restaurant so that it allows you a bit more privacy. And as is customary for a Tatami Room, we do request that you take off your shoes or footwear before entering it. Only your bare feet or your socks are permitted in the room.

We're Watching You at Sushi World! Happy Hour All Day Tuesdays!

Orange County Happy Hour All Day Tuesdays Sapporo Pitchers Sushi Appetizers OC Sushi World

We're pretty blatant when it comes to our stalking and spying. We don't need no security cameras. We're always watching you through our TVs and we have no problem with that. But that doesn't matter. What's important is that it's Happy Tuesdays once again! Happy Hour all freakin' day! $8 Sapporo pitchers, $2 sake, $2 sushi, and $3.50 appetizers. What a great way to jump start this short work week for you. Come on by and let our sushi chefs amaze you! Don't mind the big eyeballs looking over their backs.

Breakdown of Our Manhattan Roll

Manhattan Roll Breakdown Spicy Yellowtail Cucumber Radish Masago Mustard Soy Dressing Sushi World Orange County OC's Best

One of our most popular sushi rolls is the Manhattan Roll. We've broken it down in all its glory so that you can see all the delicious components that make up our popular sushi roll. The center consists of spicy yellowtail and cucumber and it is topped with radish and masago. Finally, it's dressed with a mustard soy dressing. It's so simple, yet, oh so delicious. Why is it called the Manhattan Roll? Cause it's so fancy. You already know. It's in the fast lane, from LA to Tokyo!

Happy Hump Day! Damn Sexy Sushi Humps!

Happy Hump Day Sexy Sushi Humps Orange County Sushi World Cypress OC Anaheim Garden Grove Stanton

There were so many possible idea bubbles that we had, many of which, would've been highly inappropriate. Some of the "safer" ones: "I'd like to get in between those humps." or "I could motorboat those humps all day." Yeah, and those were the "safe" ones. Any way, as we get our minds out of the gutter, we do hope you all have a great Hump Day! If you need help getting over that hump, come on in to Sushi World in Cypress where we'll take care of you and your dirty mind. Or is that just us? Don't answer that.

$3 Salmon Skin Handrolls All Day Today for Happy Hour Tuesdays!

$3 Salmon Skin Handrolls All Day Tuesdays Happy Hour Sushi World Orange County OC

Almost time for you to go home from work. What's for dinner? Can't decide? Craving sushi? You should really over on over to our place where we have the absolute best happy hour deal in Orange County such as our $3 Salmon Skin Handrolls. The other great thing about our happy hour is that it is all day today because it's Happy Tuesdays!

Happy Fortune Cat Says Happy Hour All Day Mondays & Tuesdays!

OC Happy Hour All Day Mondays and Tuesdays Sushi World Appetizers Sake Sashimi Orange County Sushi World

What a beautiful day out! It's even more beautiful cause it's happy hour all day long, all day strong at Sushi World! $2 sushi, $2 sake, $3.50 appetizers, and $8 Sapporo pitchers. All day today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday)! Easily the best deal in all of Orange County and easily the best way to kick off the work week! Come by and say hello to our Happy Fortune Cat and our awesome chefs and staff! Thank goodness that heat is over. It's so nice to be able to wear underwear again.

Happy Friday! Get Your Sushi To Go!

Sashimi Sampler to Go Sushi World Orange County OC Cypress Japanese Restaurant

We can't fix everything in your life but we can fix a few things. Like if you don't have time to come visit us because you have screaming kids at home or if you are on the run from the government, just call us ahead of time to place your sushi order. We'll have everything ready for you by the time you come by. Now, if only we could order our dates like that. If anyone knows of a good, reliable source, let us know! Call us! Oh, and if you do have time to come by and hang out, don't forget about our Happy Hour everyday from 2pm till 5pm, even on the weekends.

May the Fourth Be with You!

May the 4th piece of sushi be with you orange County sushi OC Sushi World

Happy May the 4th, everyone! Star Wars Day! Yes, we're Star Wars geeks! And what better way to spend such a geeky day than with us! And if so, we hope you have at least the 4th piece of sushi every time, if not more. Depends on what kind of sushi buddies you have. Maybe you shouldn't share food with them if they're going to hog it all up. Maybe you just need new friends. Maybe you should just eat sushi alone. That's what true nerds do. The force is strong in this one!