November 2013

Happy Lovely Little Lumps Hump Day!

sushi world orange county oc my humps hump day sushi day

It's an old reference but it works! Happy Hump Day, everyone! Can't believe that actually has caught on and become a normal saying now. Well, it works for us because there's no better way to get over the middle of the week than with some nice, fresh sushi. So fantastic at any time of the week but it's especially nice when you've had a rough time at work and need to reward yourself from all the stress you endure.

So come on in and have a few lovely little lumps with with us!

Sushi World LOVES the Philippines!

Sushi world philippines relief donation typhoon haiyan orange county cypress

Our hearts go out to all those affected by Typhoon Haiyan. This affects us all, near or far. Every little bit helps. Sushi World LOVES the Philippines and we want to show it. 10% of all proceeds tomorrow, Tuesday, November 19, 2013, will be donated to typhoon relief. Please come out and show your support.

Spider Roll

Spider Roll Orange County Sushi World Cypress soft shell crab delicious best of oc

Like our Caterpillar Roll, the Spider Roll is not what it sounds. Its center actually consists of soft shell crab (the delicious underwater spider kind), cucumber & avocado. It's accompanied by gobo & some radish which complements it beautifully. Happy Hour starts now! Ditch whatever you're doing and come on in! Unless you're babysitting, then bring the kid along.

Three Amigos Roll

Three Amigos Roll Sushi World Cypress tuna albacore poke sauce oc best

Did you forget about lunch again? If so, come on in and try out our Three Amigos Roll! It features a spicy scallop roll topped with avocado, tuna, albacore, and then lightly dressed with a poke sauce. Yummy yummy in your tummy. But only if you come in now. Does not require 2 other friends. Can also be eaten for dinner. But why wait? Come in now!

Cypress Roll

cypress roll orange county sushi strawberries shrimp tempura cucumber avocado

We created a roll for the city we be representin'. Our Cypress Roll features a center of shrimp tempura, cucumber, and avocado. It is topped with snow crab, strawberries, and a sweet sauce. Delicious anytime of the day and doesn't technically have any raw fish so your sushi-fearing friends can have it, too.

Friday Night Sushi Bar Scene

Orange County Sushi Bar Friday Night Scene Caterpillar Roll Pick Up Line

It's finally Friday! Time to hit the bars tonight! Here's a typical scene from our sushi bar every Friday night. Looks pretty familiar, huh? Well, you should know that every caterpillar roll eventually becomes a butterfly roll. Um, we think. Anyway, come on in and spend some time with us at out sushi bar. You won't regret it. Our sushi chefs will treat you right. Check out what we have on our specials board. If you don't understand something, they'll gladly help you. Have a great weekend, everyone!