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Tiffany E. from Irvine, CA

First time here and the sushi is a bit pricier than other places, but very worth it!

I ordered 3 rolls: rainbow, caterpillar, and three amigos which came out to be $40 and some change ($12.50 x 3 + tax). Normally if I'm eating by myself, I go to Xtreme Sushi (3 rolls for the price of 2 = $22) or Crazy Rock'n Sushi (3 rolls for the price of 2 = $30) so paying full price for three rolls during my lunch hasn't been my routine for 2 years now. :P

Anyway, was it worth the extra money?! YES!!!

Customer service = 5 stars; their staff is pleasant and overly polite. The other sushi places tend to treat me silently and I rarely know if my order is ready. However, Sushi World is actually happy to see you come in, they're joyful that you've ordered and they laugh a little with you while you pay which is a nice touch to the difficult time we're experiencing now.

Food = 5 stars; the packaging was neatly in a cute box with their sauces & extras which were securely packed (1 sweet sauce, 1 poke sauce, 2 soy sauce packets, 2 ginger and wasabi). I'd recommend asking for an extra sweet sauce because that was my favorite sauce out of them all :)

Shop standards & vibe = 5 stars; it's a very clean place, the staff are wearing masks, the cashier area is moved to the front next to the door with a plastic shield for further COVID protection. The warm welcoming of the staff and their nice demeanor makes this place stand out from other sushi places and worth the extra money for me.