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Orange County Sushi

Mon - Thu: 11:30am-9pm
Fri: 11:30am-10pm
Sat: 12pm-10pm
Sun: 12pm-9pm

Kathy N. from Tulare, CA

We are not sushi connoisseurs, but our friends are, and this is their favorite place for it in the middle of ample other opportunities in SoCal. We do know that everything we've tried here with their guidance has been wonderful. It's especially fun to sit at the bar and watch the chef at work and listen to to him converse with our friends, who are regulars.

Our son lives in Silicon Valley, where he too has many options for sushi. He ordered takeout here at our suggestion while in the area, and he agreed with the quality.

It's a small location and gets crowded, so go early or late if possible.