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Jay T. from Irvine, CA

Went here a couple of times and I must say their pretty consistent. The style here is pretty rustic and casual. I appreciate everytime I get toro, they give me the little scraps leftover from their toro block at the end that they can't make anything with. The rolls are on the better side in terms of quality compared to many places. Every time I had their rolls I thought the quality wasn't too bad. It never broke apart after holding it and the fish are kept pretty fresh too. The range of fish you can have here is exceptional though. Truly fitting for a place named sushi world.

I notice some reviews complaining about the rolls being small and it is on the smaller size so be prepared for that. I have tried many sushi spots and a lot of places are similar in term of sizing. But just be prepared if you're expecting to be filled from a single roll alone.

I had a really great experience one time I ordered online and asked for some adjustment to make to the order and they were very compliant and did what I asked however I made the request again another time and they ignored it so sometimes they just don't pay attention to the orders' details which is chill in my case but perhaps not for some people.

For what it is, Sushi world was pretty good to me. Extremely busy, but the quality of each product I have tried was pretty good. Excellent selection and styling. If they can be consistent in reading guest's requests for online orders, it would be better. The fish quality was good as well. Kinda pricey as well compared to other smaller places that can hold their own to this place. I wouldn't hesitate recommending sushi world because you truly enter sushi world when you come here.