Best Sashimi Sampler in Orange County!

Sashimi Sampler Carb Free Zone Albacore Red Snapper Tuna Salmon Yellowtail Sushi World Orange County OC

We hate bragging but we must. Again. Have you tried our sashimi sampler? It's so good, you won't want to sample anything else after it! It looks great and it has no carbs. It's a win win win situation. It comes with our 5 most popular fishes: yellowtail, salmon, tuna, red snapper, and albacore. Of course, it comes with the standard wasabi and soy sauce. Doesn't come with the happy sauce (sake), however. Come on by and try it out today if want some quality sashimi at kick ass prices!

Happy Hour All Day Mondays & Tuesdays at Sushi World! $2 Sushi!

Orange County OC Happy Hour All Day Mondays Tuesdays Salmon Peppered Escolar Natto Yellowtail Shrimp Albacore Masago Sushi World

It's ridiculous to offer $2 sushi but we're doing it! It's Monday again and you know what that means! The best happy hour in Orange County takes place all day at Sushi World. Seriously, where are you going to find a better way to start your week? $2 sushi, which includes many of your favorites: salmon, peppered salmon, escolar, natto, yellowtail, shrimp, albacore, and masago. You also have $3.50 appetizers, $2 sake, and $8 Sapporo pitchers! Geez, we might as well be giving it away! Come on by! We'd love to see ya!

Sexy Sushi Saturdays!

Sexy Sushi Saturdays Sashimi Salmon Tuna Orange County OC Sushi World Cypress

What's Sexy Sushi Saturdays? Just a ploy to get your attention. And it worked. That's not to say that our sushi isn't sexy because it's hella sexy. Sometimes, it's better than sex. And that's not to discourage you from coming in all sexy just to have some of our sushi. So please, by all means, put on a sexy outfit and come on in and sit at our sushi bar. Our sushi chefs won't mind. They're tired of looking at each other all day. ;-)

Best Sushi in OC at Affordable Prices

Best Orange County OC Sushi World Cypress Anaheim Garden Grove Stanton

Sometimes, we just have to let our sushi speak for itself. No gimmicks. No jokes. Just gosh darn sexy looking sushi that tastes even better than it looks. You can't get this quality of sushi at our prices anywhere else in Orange County. It is grads and dad season, so keep us in mind for your next gathering. We'll take care of you all the way through.

Happy Friday! We Have the Best Fishing Spot in OC!

Cypress Sushi Orange County OC Sushi World Go Fishing Salmon Blue Fin Toro Sashimi

Time to kick off them shoes and get the weekend started! We have the best place if you want to go fishing in Orange County. Just sit right up at our bar and watch as the fish start jumping onto your plate. It's amazing! You don't even have to wait for very long to get a bite. We have an amazing assortment of fishes, too. Unlike other fishing spots, you don't have to keep this watering hole a secret. Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Come on by!

Don't Be Hangry. Come to Sushi World!

Omakase You Hangry Bro Uni Tuna Salmon Blue Fin Toro Sushi World Orange County OC Japanese Restaturant

Do you have a friend who's in a pissy mood because they're hungry? Yeah, then they have a serious case of being hangry. Take this friend (or yourself) straight to our sushi bar for immediate relief! Stat! There's no time to lose. If you don't know what to order but need a variety of sushi, order one of our omakase meals. We have 2 different omakase menus to choose from. This one pictured is only a partial of our #2 omakase meal. Whatever your situation in Orange County, we're here to help. Come by and satisfy your hanger now!

Our Sashimi Sampler is a Complete Meal

orange county best sushi sashimi sampler tuna albacore yellowtail salmon red snapper

Our Sashimi Sampler consists of tuna, albacore, yellowtail, salmon, & red snapper. Makes for a great appetizer but also could be eaten as a complete meal. It is low carbs. It's $26 and worth every penny. Get a hot sake with it to help spread the happiness.