Happy Hour All Day Mondays and Tuesdays! $2.5 Sushi! $2.5 Escolar!

Escolar Orange County Best Happy Hour Sushi World Cypress OC All Day Mondays Tuesdays

$2.50 sushi means you get 2 pieces of sushi for $2.50. That means it's $1.25 per piece of sushi. We know we need to spell it out for some of you who are very particular about your numbers. So, as you can see, that's a pretty darn good deal for great sushi. And it's available all day on Mondays and Tuesdays for Happy Hour. It's also available on all other days from 2pm till 5pm. $2.50 sushi includes the pictured, escolar, but you can also get the peppered salmon, salmon, albacore, yellowtail, masago, shrimp, and natto.

Is It Fish Friday Yet? Well, It Should Be!

Fish Friday Sushi World Orange County OC Best Happy Hour Escolar Yellowtail Albacore Salmon

Happy Friday, everyone! You made it! On through another work week. We hope it wasn't too difficult of one. If so, you should definitely come on by Sushi World for some awesome sushi! We are home to the best happy hour in all of Orange County, you know. It's all day Mondays and Tuesdays, but also everyday from 2pm to 5pm, even on the weekends. Be sure to stop by for $2.50 sushi, $3.50 appetizers, $2.50 sake, and $10 Sapporo pitchers. You cannot find a better happy hour in OC. We dare you.

Happy Friday! It's a Yummy Roll, You Dummy!

Yummy Roll Orange County OC Escolar Serrano Peppers Sriracha Sauce Sushi World Cypress

We love it when people from a neighboring table look over and have the inclination to ask us what we're eating. We're especially proud to let them know about our Yummy Roll! It's basically a California Roll on steroids. It's topped with escolar, a think lemon slice, a slice of serrano pepper, and just a dab or sriracha sauce. Oh my gosh, it's so yummy, you freakin' dummy! Order it today! You won't be disappointed. Happy hour every day from 2pm till 5pm. Best in Orange County. Even on Saturday and Sunday.

Sushi World's Newest Item: Yummy Roll!

Yummy Roll Escolar California Roll Lemon Slices Serrano Peppers Soy Mustard Dressing Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

We love coming up with new items on our menu! Our sushi chefs have done it again! Introducing our latest, greatest roll, the Yummy Roll! It consists of a California roll on the inside. It is then topped with escolar, thinly sliced lemons, serrano peppers, chili sauce, and a soy mustard dressing. Absolutely lives up to its name! Come on in and try it out today! Or tomorrow! Or the next time you come in to visit us!

$2 Sushi All Day During Orange County's Best Happy Hour!

$2 Sushi Orange County's Best Happy Hour Cypress Anaheim Garden Grove Stanton Escolar Salmon Peppered Albacore Sushi World OC

We can't brag about it enough. We have the best Happy Hour in all of OC. $2 sushi, $3.50 appetizers, $2 sake, and $8 Sapporo pitchers. The sushi pictured is an escolar. It's quite delicious and melts like butter in your mouth. You can get that today for only $2! That, along with salmon, peppered salmon, albacore, yellowtail, shrimp, masago, and natto are each all only $2 all day today. What are you waiting for? Come in at any time today.

Happy Friday! We Have the Best Fishing Spot in OC!

Cypress Sushi Orange County OC Sushi World Go Fishing Salmon Blue Fin Toro Sashimi

Time to kick off them shoes and get the weekend started! We have the best place if you want to go fishing in Orange County. Just sit right up at our bar and watch as the fish start jumping onto your plate. It's amazing! You don't even have to wait for very long to get a bite. We have an amazing assortment of fishes, too. Unlike other fishing spots, you don't have to keep this watering hole a secret. Hope everyone has a nice weekend! Come on by!

$2 Sushi Happy Hour All Day Mondays & Tuesdays

Happy Hour All Day Mondays and Tuesdays $2 Sushi Albacore Peppered Salmon Masago Sushi World Orange County OC

It's that time again! Monday, Monday, Monday. They are oh, so terrible. The only redeeming fact about Mondays is that Happy Hour is all day at Sushi World! $2 sushi, which includes Salmon, Peppered Salmon, Yellowtail, Albacore, Shrimp, Escolar, Masago, and Natto. Sake is also only $2 and a Sapporo pitcher is only $8. And the even better thing about it is that if you missed out on Monday, there's always Happy Hour all day on Tuesdays, too! See?