Squid Karaage Kushi - New Item on the Sushi World Menu

We were told that we're trying to hard on our posts. Well, those people can suck it and don't understand that the more you write, the more content you have and therefore, the more the search engines have to play with when indexing your site. Duh. We don't write this crap to impress you feeble minded people who just want to look at pictures all day cause you don't have the time to read like an educated person. Besides, most of the references and prose are probably way over your reading level anyway. So with that, check out our new item, the squid karaage kushi. It's breaded squid on a skewer. Dumb dumb.

Squid Karaage Kushi Breaded Skewer Appetizer Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World