What's That Sushi Wednesday

What's That Sushi Wednesday! Not a Fish But Still Delicious!

What's that Sushi Wednesday Conch Nigiri Cherry Salmon Scallops Sushi World Orange County OC Cypress

Here's an item on our menu that needs a bit more attention, because it's so darn delicious! It's not quite a fish but it is still from the ocean. It's a nigiri, obviously, on a small bed of rice. It's lightly salted and sometimes has a bit of a crunch to it. Identify this sushi correctly and get a free sake! We love giving away free stuff! We might start giving away more! Oh yeah, every sushi piece in this picture is delicious, haha.

What's That Sushi Wednesday! This is an Easy One!

What's that Sushi Wednesday Red Snapper Orange County OC Sushi World

Okay, are you ready for this week's installment of, "What's That Sushi Wednesday?" It's a pretty easy one, especially if you enjoy sushi the way we do. I was going to pick a bad picture of it so that it would be even harder to guess but I felt generous today. Guess the type of sushi it is and get a free sake. Simple as that. We will give you till Friday to guess it. We'll notify everyone who guess correctly to fill out our email newsletter form before getting their free sake coupon. Now get to guessing that sushi!

What's That Sushi Wednesday! Guess the Sushi in Front!

What's that Sushi Wednesday Mackerel Spanish Orange County OC Sushi World

Here we go again! What's That Sushi Wednesday! Guess this delicious sushi that's in front of all the other sushis in this picture. Get it right and get a free sake! Get it wrong, and you can keep on guessing. You won't have to guess on anything if you come in and sit in Orange County's best sushi bar! Our sushi chefs will definitely take care of you. They'll make you a nice platter of sushis that will blow your mind. Come on in today!

What's that Sushi Wednesday! Name This Sashimi!

What's that Sushi Wednesday Orange County OC Sushi World Cypress

Here we go again! Name that sushi, people! This week's installment is a type of sashimi and the only additional clue we can give you is that it is absolutely delicious! If you don't know what it is, bring this picture in on your phone and show it to our sushi chefs and they'll quickly prepare it for you. Guess the sashimi correctly and get a free small bottle of sake that you can use at any time! Now get to guessing!

What's That Sushi Wednesday! Japanese Name Only!

What's that Sushi Wednesday Orange County Sushi World OC Cypress Yummy

Here is this week's installment of, "What's That Sushi Wednesday." This sushi isn't for everyone. You have to have an acquired taste to truly appreciate it. It's gooey, and kinda sticky. The texture is a bit offsetting. Does that wet your appetite yet? It's also one of only 8 different sushis we have for $2 during our happy hour, which is everyday from 2pm till 5pm, all day on Mondays and Tuesdays. Best happy hour in all of Orange County. Even if you don't like this sushi.

What's That Sushi Wednesday is Here!

What's that Sushi Wednesday Orange County OC Cypress Sushi World

Here we go with our first installment of What's That Sushi Wednesday! Check out this beauty! It should be pretty easy, if you love great, high quality sushi. You might get this often when you come in to our sushi bar. It's always on our specials board. Hmm, don't want to give away too many hints. Let's see, winner gets a free sake! Are you ready? Guess away! Oh, you have to be 21 or over in order to redeem the free sake. Yeah, had to say that for legal purposes, I guess.